Since its establishment in 2013, Denizati Anadolu High School Model United Nations club has been a rather active family, taking major parts in the Model United Nations society both on a national and international level.

To create an atmosphere entwined with the spirit of diplomacy of the United Nations itself, an atmosphere that would provide the leaders of the upcoming generation a chance to discover their skills and talents of public speaking, writing, and negotiation, by giving them a chance to have a glimpse of the diplomatic practices that they would otherwise find at the highest level of statesmanship, DENMUN family commenced the preparations to have a Model United Nations conference of their own in early 2015. Their efforts bore its fruits that December, giving birth to a conference that welcomed 300 participants from all over the world, accommodating them in their respective committees.

This year, having grown in quantity with our new members recruited and in quality nurtured by their experiences of last year, we are rather excited, for the family will be once again meeting in May 2021, within the scope of the new edition of Denizati Model United Nations Conference.